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Major Handicraft of Nepal (Nepali Handicrafts)

Bags & Accessories Purses, hand bag, travel bag and the like made from cloth and Leather
Basketry Products Various types of products made from bamboo and cane split, stem or root.
Ceramics Glazed and non glazed Earthenware
Christmas Decorations
Ornaments products meant for decorating Christmas tree made from textile, metal and clay.
Contemporary Paintings Paintings using sketch and colors on canvas and other materials
Craft Paintings Paintings using wheat/ rice bran/ stem, waste thread and other materials.
Crazy/ Fancy Hats Hats with symbolic impression like flags, animals and other specially meant for big sporting events.
Ethnic Dolls Dolls & Puppets of Nepalese culture made of cloth, clay and wood.
Ethnic Garments Garments of traditional design.
Filigree Products Decorative articles such as animals, charm boxes made of brass, copper, white metal and silver with wire works and studded with stones.
Giftware Small items made from different materials basically useful for offering gift.
Hand Knitwear Articles made of hand - knitting such as pullovers, sweaters, mufflers, socks, legwarmers, caps
Handloom Products Cotton cloth woven with non-mechanized handlooms.
Handmade paper Products Products made of Lokta (Daphne Papyracea of thymalaeceae family) such as stationary, lampshade, wall paper, wrapping paper, bag, gift items etc.
Home Furnishing Bed covers, bed linens and the like using block/ screen printing, Embroidery, crochet and similar skills.
Horn & Bone Products Buttons, cufflinks and other decorative articles
Incense Holder Various circular & square type elongated boxes made copper, brass and other metals used for storing incenses
Leather Goods Products made of goat skin and water buffalo leather
Macramé (Knot craft) Knot craft Products
Metal craft (Statue) Icons based on Buddhism and Hinduism, made of coppers, bronze, silver and gold as basic raw materials with chisel works.
Metal craft (Utensil) Utensils and garden articles made through hammering and casting such as flower vas, singing bowl, bell, cymbals, wine jars, cups and so on.
Natural Buttons Buttons made from small tree branch, stone, bone and horn.
Natural Fiber Products Apparel and non-apparel products made from hemp, nettle and similar indigenous plants.
Pashmina Goods Articles made of pashmina (fine goat hair) such as shawls, mufflers, sweaters
Paubha (Thanka) Sacred scroll paintings on cloth/ paper, based on Buddhist and Hindu religious scriptures.
Puzzles & Toys Wooden toys and puzzles for growing children.
Religious Goods Bell, Vajra and other different objects, items used for religious ceremony of Buddhism and Hinduism.
Silver Jewelry With / Without semi-precious stones such as earring, ring, bracelet, pendent, bangles with minimum of 92.5% purity.
Stone Carving Statues, decorative and utility products made of stones.
Wood carving Products made of various types of wood such as door panels, figures of gods & goddesses, replicas of famous windows, imitations of temples/ monuments and many decorative/ utility articles, with hand carving.



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