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Making clothes and dressing people is an art. People who work on it are artists. We enjoy most the moment when people look at themselves in another way than before. The main objective is to make authentic clothes, not following other fashions, but visually very recognizable because of the use of a lot of handwork and own color choices and fabrics. All our clothes are handmade in Nepal.

We have been working on this (making, exporting and whole selling) for ten years. All fabrics are natural, And dyed in different colors by hand. Different techniques are used to work on thematerial.

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Cotton Shawl

Code No: npoth1
Particular: Cotton Shawl
Price: $3.7


Code No: npoth2
Particular: Vest
Price: $6.7

Takuro Pant

Code No: npoth3
Particular: Takuro Pant
Price: $9

Nagodome Pant

Code No: npoth4
Particular: Nagodome Pant
Price: $9.9

Nagadome Quilted Pant

Code No: npoth5
Particular: Nagadome Quilted Pant
Price: $16.5

Our Special Pant

Code No: npoth6
Particular: Our Special Pant
Price: $9.9

Pikako Pant

Code No: npoth7
Particular: Pikako Pant
Price: $6.7

Orika Pant

Code No: npoth8
Particular: Orika Pant
Price: $8.3

P.P Purse

Code No: npoth9
Particular: P.P Purse
Price: $0.8

Hip Bag

Code No: npoth10
Particular: Hip Bag
Price: $6.7

Hemp Puch

Code No: npoth11
Particular: Hemp Puch
Price: $2.6

Note: We can also make in your design. If you want to make in your own design, size please write us mail at

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